I'm often called upon to live-scribe a single workshop or event, but experience illustration is useful throughout a project. I like to draw, but I like to interview, research and facilitate as well.


When trying to find solutions, designers will typically tack between different types of work, which we could sum up generally as Research, Design and Explain.


Here are some examples showing how an experience illustrator has assisted in these phases.



  • Illustrated visual talking points for customer interviews
  • Customer experience interviews, translated into visual stories for use in ideation
  • Interviewing colleagues and visualising stages in a customer journey on-the-spot based on their information
  • Visual notes from colleague interviews which become prototypes for internal communications



  • Hypotheses turned into storyboards during a design sprint
  • Prototypes for new ways to present risk information
  • Rapid prototyping of an app flow



  • Ethnographic research turned into a story supporting a new way of working
  • Discussions with team members, resulting in an advisory report detailing themes, ideas and visuals which could be used in explaining the team's function and values
  • Data-heavy journey map synthesised down into a simple, compelling artefact to present to senior leaders

I've written up a pack which explains how I work, including more detailed use cases -- if you'd like a copy, just drop me your email below and I'll shoot you a link to download it.

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